Parks Victoria has released the final master plan prepared to guide future decisions for Albert Park


Victorians love Albert Park, with over 6 million visits made each year. Since 1876, the park has provided for a range of amateur sports and for casual get-togethers. Many generations have enjoyed a walk around the lake or a barbecue in one of the many picnic areas.

A master plan has been developed to set a 25-year vision for Albert Park to guide it through the next stage of its history and to maximise its contribution to the health and wellbeing of the Victorian community.

Following the release of the draft Albert Park Master Plan in November 2017, feedback from more than 2000 individual responses, from a range of stakeholders, sporting clubs and community groups was received. Through consultation with a broad range of local residents, park visitors, sports clubs and stakeholders, we have heard that the park is much loved and that the underlying layout is working well, but there are some key areas for improvement.

The master plan provides a series of guidelines to improve the quality of experiences available for visitors, in large part by improving the park environment through increased planting and by improving access to the park.

The Albert Park Master Plan will guide improvements to the park over the next 25 years, ensuring it meets the diverse and changing needs of visitors, while enhancing the health and wellbeing of the visitor to the park and quality of the park landscape.

Final Albert Park Master Plan

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the creation of the Albert Park Master Plan.

The planning process received a strong response and a report summarising the feedback is available to review.

Your feedback was used to inform the final Albert Park Master Plan.

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Project Timeline

  • 0

    Project inception

  • 1

    Background review and functional analysis plans

  • 2

    Phase 1: Stakeholder engagement issues identification

  • 3

    Prepare assessment of significance

  • 4

    Draft vision and concept framework preparation

  • 5

    Phase 2: Stakeholder engagement and review/ comment on concept framework

    (31 Oct- 5 Dec 2016)

  • 6

    Draft master plan preparation

  • 7

    Phase 3: Stakeholder and community engagement review/ comment of draft master plan

    Late 2017

  • 8

    Review feedback, amend and complete final master plan


  • 9

    Release final master plan

    May 2019