A Multi-Functional Park

In addition to providing green space for Melbourne, Albert Park provides for organised and casual recreation and leisure. The 45-hectare lake is a key feature of the park. In excess of 20 different field and water-based sports, run by over 45 clubs, are hosted within Albert Park.

The lakeside circuit trail provides a popular fitness experience. Nine sites around the lake are available for picnics, barbecues and functions. Dog walking is encouraged in the park and there are a number of designated off-leash areas.

In addition to the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, a range popular events are held in the park, including the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk, the Melbourne Marathon and the Taste of Melbourne. Eight dining and function venues operate in Albert Park.

Albert Park provides 60% of all open space within the Port Phillip municipality.

A Diversity of Users

Albert Park has long been known as “the people’s playground”. Community consultation has been a major part of the planning. Clubs, casual visitors, local residents and businesses have been consulted through various methods including meetings, on-line discussions and displays in the park.

Albert Park provides facilities to accommodate a wide range of activities for a diversity of visitors. Arguably, the park’s most dominant users are its sports teams including bowling, cricket, tennis, soccer, football, golf, sailing and rowing.

In addition to providing open space for the park’s surrounding residents and other visitors, the park also holds a number of events including fun runs, triathlons and festivals that attract large numbers of people from a wide catchment for shorter periods of time.